How It Works?

Any drone equipped by our hardware can recharge its battery taking advantage of the network of remote wireless chargers - the NESTs. Then it can continue its mission without participation of technical support to change a battery or recharging. As a result, each drone can autonomously move over 150 km daily whereas an operator of drone can be located on any place around the world because our wireless charging system is fully automatic.

Oil and Gas Pipeline Monitoring

365/24/7 non stop monitoring for oil and natural gas distributors
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Drone Delivery Service

Fast delivery service is capable to serve at least x4 more customers
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DRONNEST for Mining

Quick and precise surveying for mining companies
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Electrical Grid Monitoring

Autonomous monitoring of electrical grid to prevent blackouts
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Mapping and Surveying

High resolution automatic mapping of as small as 3x3 cm per pixel
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Agriculture Applications

Help to increase crop production and monitor crop growth for farmers 
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